How Our Insurance Brokers Keep You Covered

Wondering what difference having your own Insurance Broker could make? Regional Insurance Brokers know your business inside and out - and will review your insurance covers and insurable risk every year to make sure you have the right policies for your business. Read this story from a thankful Regional Insurance Broker’s customer, and find out how having the right broker helped cover their business in a time of need. 

A business in an industrial area was working on a Saturday when they noticed the business across the road had a person loading some fencing that was stored on premises beside the building. One of the workers saw the person lifting the heavy items one at a time onto the truck - so they decided to offer them a hand. This was happily accepted and the worker took their forklift across to help load the fencing onto the truck. Obviously, the person they helped was very grateful for the energy and time this assistance provided him.


On Monday, the business had a visit from their neighbouring business across the road to enquire if they had seen anything unusual, as they had some fencing stacked up beside the building that was now no longer there. With honesty being the best policy, the business who owned the forklift confessed to the fact they assisted to load the fencing onto the truck as they had assumed the truck driver was legitimate, and that they had wanted to do the right thing and help someone out with what looked like a difficult task. All was well and forgiven; but there was more… 


The following Saturday, the same workers at the same business saw a car and trailer pull up to the same neighbouring business. The couple from the car had started to load some gates stored on the premises beside the building. This time the workers took a different approach and went over to ask what the people were doing. At the same time that this was occurring, one worker decided to ring the police as they thought the thieves had returned. When they approached and asked the question “What Are You Doing?” - the couple said they were there to pick up some gates. When asked from whom, they responded with “Andre”. The worker replied, “I think you are lying, as I know the business owner and his name is not Andre.” Being good citizens, the worker and another co-worker started to take photos with their phones of the peoples’ vehicle and registration plates.


As you could imagine, chaos was about to ensue when suddenly 4 police cars flew down the street, sirens blazing and about 8 police officers jumped out of their cars. Help arrived thanks to the quick thinking workers (this time, anyway). The police started to question all involved and it turned out the people loading the gates, and most likely the truck loading the fencing the previous week, were victims of a scam someone was facilitating through Gumtree. The people produced evidence on the mobile phone of the message between them and who they thought was someone selling the items online. Details confirming price, reduced for self-pick up, payment and address detailed how to collect the items.


Come Monday morning, the neighbouring business was back across the road and this time was there to say thank you for keeping an eye out and saving his business from yet another theft. When discussing the situation one asked the other, “How did you get on from the previous weekend when the fencing was stolen (with some of their innocent assistance), and was this an expensive incident for the business?” The business owner replied, “Well funny you ask - and firstly I would say… get an insurance broker if you don’t already have one”. When asked why, the response was – “My insurance broker who reviews my insurance covers and insurable risk each year, had me covered. A year or so ago when my broker visited the premises, he noticed we had some items stored on premise but outside the building itself. 


“It was not common practice for us to do this but about 5 or 6 times a year they do and usually only for a week at the most whist space inside the building frees up for outgoing orders. My insurance broker from Regional Insurance Brokers made note and provided a policy for my business that provided cover for theft in the open air whilst on the premises. The policy cover amount was limited and my broker explained all of this to me at the time, but I did not pay much attention to it. Boy was I surprised when I called my insurance broker the week following the first theft and found out that it would be ok, because I was covered by insurance. My first response was… Really?! My broker reminded me of when he spoke to me about the items being stored outside a year or so ago, and how we had ended up getting a policy that had cover for theft in the open air. There was a quick apology for not remembering the conversation about insurance, but a huge thank you being proactive and diligent enough to research, provide advice and put in place an insurance cover that suited my business needs.”


If the theft occurs in your business and you do have to make a claim, a Regional broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you, just like this satisfied Regional Insurance Broker’s client.  It doesn’t matter if it’s business, home, car, home, or even life insurance - our brokers are the most trusted sources of advice available, and will ensure you and your livelihood are fully protected. Get covered today. 

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