How to Make Sure Your Heavy Machinery Is Protected

If you’re running a business that relies on a fleet of heavy machinery or equipment to deliver its services, then you’ll know how important it is to protect your assets. 

Plant and machinery operators are exposed to specific challenges and complicated risks. Damage or loss of equipment through accidental or malicious damage or having to make a claim can be costly for your business. 

Finding the right insurance cover for your heavy machinery is essential for protecting your business and ensuring its financial stability. 

When it comes to insurance, it can be difficult to sort through the jargon and find the best policy for your budget and business needs. 

Here’s our top tips on how to make sure your heavy machinery is protected.  

Find the Right Cover:

Before getting an insurance policy, it’s important to think about how much cover you need…

Heavy machinery can be insured for a range of risks from natural disasters to theft, breakdowns and accidents. Consider the potential risks your machinery could face and whether your policy is adequate to protect them. 

Read and Understand Your Policy: 

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) should be provided to retail clients prior to making a decision to purchase an insurance policy. This document includes information about the insurer, significant benefits and features, things that are not covered, significant risks and other important information. 

Always make sure to closely read and understand all the details of your policy before making a decision about purchasing any insurance policy.

Maintain and Secure your Equipment: 

To properly protect your business, take the time to ensure that your machinery is secured. Theft can be a big issue for businesses with heavy machinery.

It’s also important to perform regular maintenance of your equipment to keep it running smoothly and operating safely.

Through maintaining and securing your machinery, you are reducing risks for your business. 

Use a Trusted Broker: 

To decide which policy is best for your business, it’s a good idea to talk to a trusted insurance broker.

Just like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice, a qualified broker can do the same with your heavy machinery insurance needs.

They understand the risks of your industry and can recommend a tailored solution for your needs. 

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