If You Work In The Mining Industry - You Won't Be Covered Without These 3 Essential Insurance Policies

Everyone knows that working in mining is risky at the best of times… and if you work in the industry, you would have experienced this first hand. 

Mining Insurance is your best bet to ensure that you are covered when you go to work so that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

However, not all policies are the same. You will want to make sure that your cover is comprehensive and covers the things that you need it to.

For this industry, there are three policies that are essential for any miner. We’ve broken them down for you below:

Public and Product Liability Insurance

Should any damage or injury to other people or property occur as a result of the work you or your employees are completing, there are a number of costs you could be liable to pay. These include:

  • Costs associated with repairing any damaged caused
  • Medical expenses or first aid
  • Legal fees

Unfortunately, accidents happen and these events are sometimes unavoidable. It’s important that you are insured so you, your business and employees are protected financially, if something does happen.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is another crucial policy for those working in the mining industry. 

In the event that any damage or harm occurs on the job as a result of your error or omission, you could be sued for negligence. This carries hefty legal costs that can have a devastating impact on your work and life. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance will provide that much needed financial cover should you find yourself in this situation… and you’ll be thanking yourself for it. 

Read our blog on Why Every Mining Contractor Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance for more information.

Tools and Heavy Equipment Insurance

If something happens to the tools and equipment that you use on the job, you’ll need to repair or replace them. In mining, this usually doesn’t come cheap.

Tools and Heavy Equipment Insurance will cover damage or loss from theft or damage caused by you or your employees and coworkers.


If you have any queries, concerns or are after some more information, the team at Regional are here to help. 

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