Protect Your Mining Team with These Health and Safety Tips

Being one of the most dangerous sectors, the mining industry and its workers are no stranger to risk. Being safe on site is important in any job and the mining industry is no exception, especially with its high fatality rate.

Effective health and safety measures are essential to protect your mining team. So what should you be looking at to ensure you’re doing all you can?


1. Don’t Overdo it

Work on the mine can be incredibly draining, both physically and mentally. With long shifts and hard labour, it can be easy to forget about your mental and physical health.

Make sure your team is well hydrated and well rested. Tired or unwell workers are most likely to make mistakes and that’s when their safety, and other’s, is at risk.


2. Protect Your Ears

Mine sites aren’t known for their peace and quiet.

While you and your team may be used to the noise, it doesn’t mean your ears are resistant to the damage it can cause. Make sure to decrease exposure, assess the risks and wear the right equipment to make sure you aren’t doing unnecessary harm.


3. Breathe Clean

Coal dust and other particles can have severe health consequences which is why it's crucial that the proper protection is worn. Training for workers on proper procedures when it comes to working in coal dust is also important. 

In addition to preventative measures, the employers should also have a dust control plan and ensure regular medical screenings are performed.


4. UV Protection

Particularly in regional Queensland, the sun is unavoidable and unforgiving. 

Ensuring you cover up, seek shade and have breaks when the sun is at its peak can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer and eye damage. 


5. Get Insured

Even with health and safety measures in place, getting the appropriate insurance cover also ensures you reduce certain risks your business could face as well as meeting your contractual obligations. This can include cover on:

  • Public Liability 
  • Professional Indemnity 
  • Motor vehicle
  • Tools and heavy equipment
  • Statutory liability

At Regional Insurance Brokers, we understand the mining industry and the risks involved. We can guarantee to give you expert advice, tailored to your industry, as well as value for money and peace of mind. 

Get in touch to get covered today!

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