The Secret of a Successful Insurance Claim

Making a successful insurance claim can be a challenge, especially when you have limited knowledge and experience dealing with insurance.

Insurance claims can run into issues including time delays, misunderstandings about what’s covered and value. These problems can result in legal conflicts.

Sometimes, when handling a claim with a big insurance company, it can be difficult to be heard.

But don’t stress, we have the answer…

Here are our top tips to ensure a successful insurance claim:

Know Your Insurance Policy: When you make an insurance claim, you should start by reading your policy. Pay attention to how it is worded and the schedule of insurance. This will help you understand what protection you have available.

Record Everything: Maintain a record of all phone calls you have with the insurance company. Take note of date and time, the name of the person you spoke to, and the content of the call. If your call was important, you can follow up with an email to confirm the details in writing.

Provide Proof And Evidence: For a successful claim, you need to work with the insurance company and provide them with evidence to support your claim. Different types of insurance claims require different documents. These can include:

  • Police reports
  • Statements
  • Photos
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Expert reports

Complain: If you are unhappy with the decision or the way your claim was handled, then submit a complaint. Your insurance policy will tell you who to contact to complain. It’s also important to figure out why your claim has not been successful.

Talk To The Experts: If you need help with your insurance claim, talk to the experts at Regional Insurance Brokers. We can provide advice for all your insurance needs.

Use An Insurance Broker: An insurance broker can save you time, money and worry. If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a Regional broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

With over 40 years experience serving Queensland, Regional Insurance Brokers deliver exceptional service and value for money to our clients.

You can get on with life, whilst we take care of all your insurance. That’s real peace of mind. Talk to us today.

Why Regional Insurance?

At Regional Insurance, we have over three decades of experience serving Queensland communities. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and expertise in insurance for a range of industries. We’ll make choosing a policy, assessing your risks and making a claim simple with our personalised service to save you time, money and stress.
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